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The Business Man Continued

About two years ago in September of 2008, Brother Russell gave a word to a successful business man that the Lord would be taking his business to a new level because he is a good man and has a good heart.  This was a mining business and the Lord told him that when he goes to this mine he would find a substance there that would change the world’s economy.  This mineral would catapult him into different nations and he would be well-known through this finding that God has given him.

The businessman is not a believer and very intellectual.   Though his wife is a woman of faith in the Lord and a prayerful woman, he was always cold and rejected any ideas that had to do with God.  Nevertheless, this day when the business was on his way to China,  he received the call from his assistant who is also a believer.  She told him Brother Russell had a word from the Lord for him and he accepted the phone call and listened to the word. 

When the wife found out the business had received the word, she was walking on her way to the doctor when she stopped right there on the street and began to praise God.  She was filled with love and joy for the Lord because her husband had opened his heart to hear what the Lord was saying.  Her prayers were beginning to be answered.  She even hid behind a car so she could drop to her knees and praise him.  She realized she was in public and decided to praise quietly so people wouldn’t thing she was crazy.  She could not hold in her excitement and gratitude as she cried and worshiped the Lord.

In the months to follow, before Christmas, the recession hit and the businessman was forced to lay off many of his employees.  In the mine, they were processing copper and the price of copper had dropped from $3.80 an ounce to 80 cents.  The business was on the verge of bankruptcy and the lenders for the processing plant came to the businessman and said they were concerned he would not be able to pay off the loan which was almost a million dollars so they were going to reposses the plant.

As the business was about to lose everything, his wife remembered the word from the lord.  She called the assistant and her sisters to stand in prayer with her over the prophetic word that had been spoken.  The wife knew the Lord would not take the business when He just told them he was about to prosper them and take them to a new level.  At the same time, the businessman took to studying diligently in private.  The businessman has a degree in mechanical and electrical engineering and he took to studying the mining field.  As the women continued to pray and stand on the word of the Lord, the businessman continued to study.

Soon after this, the businessman came out of his studies and said he figured out a way to take the waste from the copper and process it for use.  The businessman began to process this waste, called “slack”, and to date is the only businessman in the world that does this.  The business prospered and they were able to not only pay off the money owed on the power plant, but they were also able to buy a second home that was actually two blocks away from work.  This was a second answer to the wife’s prayer who was concerned about the long distance her husband had to travel to work.

Who else but God would turn waste into wealth?!

But that’s not all.  The businessman also purchased an expensive laser machine that gives a reading on what minerals are contained in samples from the mine.  When the businessman used this device to read some of the samples he began to discover there was more copper in the mine than what he thought.  Rocks that he thought were not useful contained large amounts of copper.  A rock with a reading of about 3% is good enough for processing.  The business has found rocks of 7%, 12%, and even a few days ago as much as 48%!  The businessman admitted to his wife this was truly a miracle from God.

At the moment, the businessman has taken the lead in fields for which he was not an expert.  Fields where geologists and other experts should be evaluating the mines, he is now the leading expert in the world.  His business receives samples from Africa, Croatia, and all over the world.  God has glorified Himself once again and we are so happy to share His marvelous works.


I have been humbled by the things that the Lord has done and is still doing for his Kingdom! As these praise reports came in, it showed me that it´s notabout great preaching or teaching, but because the Father is Faithful to hisWord! As you have read these praise reports you can see that some did not happen right away, but the Word came to pass in God´s timing not mine or their´s. We have seen a mighty move of God already these few days that we have been here. Rosa(S.H.) has been doing a great job with the translatingthe Word of God. I want to say thank you to those who have support us in the ministry that the Lord has given to us on this trip. It´s because of your giving and prayer´s that this ministry can reach the world for Jesus. God has open another door here in Lima to start a ¨School of the Prophet´s¨. I am meeting with the Pastor today to talk about how we will be doing it. We start this Saturday and Sunday, praise be to God. You know how the enemy roles. Before I came to Peru the enemy hit my family with a sickness and tried to take me out also with that same sickness. We over came this hit from the enemy, then I received a report from my wife that the enemy has attacked my youngest daughter Faith. For you that have not traveled and had to deal with being away from your family it´s very hard. People think that these kind of Testimonies just happen, because they think that I´m Anointed. 

Well there is a price to pay to see these things happen for the Kingdom of God!
I can say this with a pure heart, I miss my family every time I go, but this is
what I´m called to do for the Kingdom of God. I could not do what I do for
the Kingdom of God with out my family standing with me. I also want to say I
thank God for good Pastor´s and a church that help to support me and my
family. So thank you Pastor Joel and Brenda Price and EWCC, for believing
in what God has called us to do for the Kingdom. We thank you for being our
covering. We have a lot of Work to do for the Kingdom of God, and if you want
to see the move of God in your ministry, you need to know these three things.
That = Balance
The Red Zone

This praise report is from the heart of the Father for those who need to know that God is still in control><>. This report is through the eyes of one of the team members and a daughter in the Gospel. What good would a ministry be if it is not passed on?
The Lord has been faithful throughout this entire trip, but tonight was especially refreshing.  We’ve been praying about tonight all week because we had the opportunity to meet the pastor earlier this week.  He gave us some background about his church, called King of Kings.  His church is planted in the heart of Lima, in the "Red Zone".  This is where there is a lot of drug addiction, prostitution, night clubs–one with a satanic flavor to it, strip clubs, and the like.  Every Friday, the ladies of the church bring food to the streets to feed the prostitutes, and in the summer, they bring them coffee.  The pastor trains the people who wish to be involved in this type of outreach and they are very involved.  If anyone wants to know Christ, this group is dedicated to tend to those people and make sure they do.

I didn’t know what to expect at the service tonight, but I was excited knowing the Lord would have to respond according to his Word, “Where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.”  With that grace, I expected a fight from the enemy to try and extinguish it.  I guess in a way I imagined there would be oppression and a group of tired people due to the hard ground in which they operate. 

But to my great surprise, we arrived to the most lively church I’ve visited.  The people of the church worshiped with so much joy and a pure love for the Lord.  Most of the people have recently given their lives to the Lord and have that newness to them; it was such a joy to share it with them.  The Lord’s presence was there immediately and I myself came to a point of deeper surrender with the Lord.  It was a beautiful worship.  Russell went up to give the message and I translated.  He preached a message on identity in the kingdom, on having the keys (the Word) to the kingdom, and knowing how to use those keys with power and authority.  I have never seen a group be more interactive, it was exciting and they really wanted to know about the word and they engaged us while Russell preached.  It was a crowd of people of all ages and it felt like we were addressing children.  They responded to questions and Russell and I had fun with it. As the message concluded, the spirit led us to minister to the people prophetically. A young lady was there with her sister and two brothers.  We didn’t know this until later, but the following was true:  One of the sisters was a drug trafficker who was importing drugs from Ecuador.  The other sister was struggling with Schizophrenia and just last week had become violent enough that she even tried to kill her own family.  They had recently attended church and this was only their second visit to the church.  The Lord really spoke to them where they are and set them free from their past.  As we ministered to one sister, she was set free of suicidal thoughts and this mental stroghold that was afflicting the family for generations.  Her sister cried as she saw the Lord heal her sister from Schizophrenia and thoughts of suicide. We ministered to all the siblings and the Lord healed them of emotional wounds as well. Another woman we ministered to was formerly a Jehovah Witness and had not known Jesus Christ as her Lord and savior until recently.   The Lord spoke to her also about her past and healed her heart.  We also ministered to a single mother with some very deep heart wounds.  She cried as the Lord assured her He had heard her prayers and how He would be faithful to fulfill His promises.  We later learned this young lady is like a right hand to the pastors, she is very diligent and time after time gives up to her last cent to the Lord and she truly lives by the grace of God.  She is recently divorced from a marriage that was forced upon her and was never consumated.  The marriage was annulled and the ex-husband still sends her a monthly allowance!  She definitely carries the Lord’s favor.

The service ended and a young lady came up for prayer.  As we ministered to her, the Lord reminded her about being forgiven and that she should walk knowing she is a new creation and all her sins are washed away.  We learned this lady had come out of a life of prostitution.

The more we learned about the background of the people of this church the more I realized why they were so joyful in their worship.  Knowing where the came from and that they now knew their lives had meaning because their Father brought them out of a life of darkness to become joint heirs with Christ, their souls rejoiced. 

This experience is what church is all about and I’m thankful the Lord allowed me to be a a part of it.  Thank you all for your prayers, you have made the difference in helping us to minister to the people of Peru effectively.  The Lord has truly glorified Himself and we are thankful His will is being done.

God bless you all.

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