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Ministry Changed

Dear Prophet Blackman, this is pastor Jonatan Chavez from Lima, Peru. I translated for you last year in apostle Samuel Arboleda's church here in Lima, Peru. I was blessed by your ministry, your preaching and the prophetic word you gave me. Back then my wife and I were going through a very difficult financial situation since we had just started a new church in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho in Lima. You told me, "tell your wife that everything will be ok. The Lord is taking care of those financial situation and a time of blessings will come." I don't remember the words exactly, but that was the main context and the word came to pass. Well, we have just celebrated our second year anniversary as a church. We are an independent church. My background is that I studied Bible and Theology at Lee University in Cleveland, TN. I Graduated on 2002 and came back to Peru to work plating a church in San Juan de Lurigancho with the Church of God. I married Maria, a Mexican young woman whom I met while I was studying at Lee on August 2003. I had a lot of theology and doctrinal structures that were limiting the Holy Spirit. I was one of those who didn't believe in the prophetic and critized the Apostolic movement. Well, I got very ill on 2004 with diabetes due to many problems we were facing as a church trying to purchase a piece of land and build a church. We didn't have the resources back then. When I got diabetes my weight was 180 pounds, by 2006 I was so ill and my weight was 127 pounds. I had been in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital twice and I was thinking about quitting ministry. August 2006 the Lord took me to Argentina for a time of resting before taking a decision about ministry. It was then where I met Prophet Hector Montiel through a pastor friend. He rebuked me and told me that he saw demons that were hitting me and that my health was broken and that I was not even on 10% of what God wanted for me. This man didn't even know me. He also told me that I had a wall in my head that was full of theology that was not allowing the Holy Spirit to flow. He ministered to me and when I came back to Peru my ministry had changed.
The Lord began to use me in deliverance, and healings and gifts of the Spirit. The Lord connected me with Apostles and prophets here in Peru and I didn't even looked for them. Unfortunately, Church of God in Peru closed their minds and hearts to the Apostolic and Prophetic and they were opposed to what the Lord was doing in our church. After much prayer, the Lord placed on our hearts to leave the Church of God and go independent. Well, this happened on August 2008. We had to start from zero, no salary, no building, no chairs, sound system, no people…. that is when I met you on 2009. Right now we are renting a place for sanctuary, we have a salary, the Lord has blessed us by his grace, we have almost 100 people.
The Lord has given me the privilege to translate for Apostle John Eckhard, Apostle Bill Hammon, Prophet Kevin Leal, and other prophets and apostles and you of course.  Sorry for the long background there are lot of details that I will talk to you about when you come, I say this by faith. The Lord has been good. 
May the Lord Bless you.

Pastor Jonatan Chavez
Iglesia El Renuevo (The Renewal Church)




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