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Obedient in Giving

I just wanted to share a brief testimony about how the Lord blessed me when I was obedient & gave to your ministry as he instructed me to. As you know, last week when we spoke about your trip to Peru, the Lord put on my heart to give to your ministry. The very amount that you needed @ the time was the amount that the Lord had told me to give. At first I was hesitant because I had a couple of big financial needs that I needed God to meet for me & here he was telling me to give to your ministry. At first my flesh said if you give to Bro Russell, you are going to need more than what you already have. But my spirit man rebuked the devil and decided to obey the Lord in my giving. I remember how you prayed with me in agreement for my miracle. One thing that I have learned in this spiritual walk is that the devil will never tell you to give, especially to the people of God. Anyway the very next day, the Lord gave me back 4 times what I had given and it was enough to pay both of my debts that I didn't have the money to pay. He even worked out a third debt that I was worried about & fixed it so I can pay it in smaller increments so it won't be a strain. Look @ what God will do when you trust him & walk in his obedience.


A Life Spared

I just wanted to share another testimony about how the Lord spared my life on Wednesday morning around 6:50am when I was on my way to work. You called me Wed. to see if everything was okay. But little did you know, I had almost lost my life that morning in a car accident. I was entering the freeway going I15 south and as I was coming around the curve, the sun started to blind my view so I grabbed the visor to block the sun. As I grabbed the visor, it missed the hook & dropped down on the steering wheel and locked it in the curve. At that point, I was unable to straightened the wheel out of the curve. So the devil told me that the van was going to flip over the freeway & crash back down to the bottom & I was going to die. I cried Jesus and the van lifted into the air & hit the side brick wall & came back down to a stop. The only damage was a busted tire. There was not a scratch on me nor my vehicle. Everyone is in shock that it wasn't worse. I told them all that it was the hand of God on my life. Little did I know that there was a man coming around that same curve last year and his truck went over that edge & fell down to the ground and he died. I thank the Lord for sparing my life. I firmly believe that our giving doesn't always come back in the form of finances but in other ways that money can't buy.

Again thanks to you and your family for all that you do for the Kingdom of God!!!

Childrens Eyes are Healed

Thursday was a day to remember for me and the team and Cuzco. The Lord spoke to the men’s heart’s in a way that I have never seen or heard before through my Pastor and Apostle Martinez. I really needed to hear what the Lord placed on their heart’s as men of God that have the heart beat of the Father. Last night was the highlight of the trip for all of us that saw the hand of God move across the church for the Miracle working Power of God. The word for the night was "Let’s Take It Back" and the way that the Holy Spirit brought the word to the people of Cuzco was Awesome!

We had the Children who’s eyes the Lord had healed, testify about what the Lord had done for them. The first little girl told us that they have had many prophet's come through their church and prayed for her but nothing happened for her, and then someone told her that I was coming to the church near to her. She asked her Mother if they could come and see Prophet Blackman and see if I would pray for her eye's to be healed. So this 9 year old little girl came to the service expecting God to heal her eye's! Well, I didn’t know this at the time, but I called her out and prayed for her, then she said that she wanted God to heal her eye's, so we prayed the prayer of Faith. She took off her glasses and that is all she wrote, she was totally healed by the hand of the Lord. The Pastor’s son came up right after her and said that he needed God to heal his eye's, because the doctor said that he needed to have an operation on them. I had the little girl that the Lord had just healed, pray for this little boy and guess what happened? He was totally healed after the little girl prayed the prayer of Faith. See, I wanted the people to know that it's not Russell Blackman that has something special and others don't, so I used a little girl to prove the point that this is not about a one man show, but the Body of Christ being the Body of Christ! The little boy took off his glasses and could read without them for the very first time, and the only thing his Mother could do was cry. We then had the last little girl come up to tell what the Lord had done for her eye's. She said after the Lord healed her the next day she tried to wear her glasses but could not because they would give her headache, so she knew that she was healed by the hand of God.

Set Free

Monday August 31, 2010 is the day that "the eyes of my understanding were enlightened" and still are. The Lord is still continuing to reveal things to me. The day before I read the email and before God opened my eyes and set me free. I was very depressed. I've never had a good relationship with my father due to his own illnesses and Post-traumatic Stress from being in Vietnam. I ended up texting my Father and asking him "Do you love me?" and I thought to myself (in a sarcastic attitude) "Yeah, he'll say 'Of course I love you'." And he text back those very same words. Then I text him "Then why don't we get along?" and again I thought to myself "Yeah, he's gonna say 'what are you talking about?' like he's totally oblivious to it." And sure enough he did, but I was so angry because I thought "Why couldn't he own up to it?, Why can't he just own up to how he has treated me wrongly even when I gave up my life to take care of my Mother?!" But after the Lord set me free I realized that my father really is oblivious to it and the way he shows me that he loves me and cares for me is the only way he knows how because he's caught up in his own bondage! The next day my Father text me asking me if I was mad at him and if he did anything wrong. As I was reading his text I felt this compassionate love for him! I know the Lord did something in me! I know the Lord has freed my mind and opened my eyes because I have always been angry at my Father even hated him at times.

The Lord has also freed me in other areas. Since I can remember I have always thought that I had to "get things right". If I did something wrong or not the way others thought I should do a thing I would beat myself up and tell myself that I needed to "get it right". I would constantly think that I needed to do this or that concerning my issues and if didn't do it I was disobeying God. After the Lord opened my eyes, I now know that Christ has already done it on the Cross and that's where I need to identify myself. I won't please God by doing things right or getting it right, I please Him by taking up my Cross, crucifying my flesh daily and identifying with the "new man" not the "old man".

I've always had thoughts that told me that I would never amount to anything, I would never be anything. But the same day of the email (before I read it) the Lord asked me (which at the time I didn't realize it was Him) "Who told you that you would never amount to anything?, Who told you that you were nothing?, Who told you that you don't know anything?" And I couldn't think of one person in my entire life that ever told me those things, even the kids that tortured me by teasing me about my weight when I was younger. After reading the email the Lord revealed it to me that it was the enemy telling me all of those lies. God asked Adam and Eve "Who told you that you were naked?". All this time I've been blaming my Father, the kids who teased me but it wasn't them it was the enemy. I am no longer angry, resentful, hateful, bitter, etc toward my Father or those kids (who are now adults). I am free!

For a long time, when I would get something from the Lord or feel free in an area I would think to myself "I hope I can stay this way" but now I know I can because Jesus does it in me, I can do nothing without God, He keeps me and will keep me, if I continue to follow Him and identify with His death. The only way the "Adam nature" can be resurrected is if I identify with it and I will not give it the glory that it wants!

I am ready to run with this new freedom, this new revelation that God has given me. I feel the same as I did when I got saved, my eyes were opened and I never looked back! I made a vow then that I wasn't going back to that life of misery and torture and I am making the same vow today!

I am free to worship, praise, love, view and fear God the way He intended! Praise God! I can't stop praising and thanking Him for setting me free!



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