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The Lord's work in a town near Ventanilla

Over these past 2 years we have seen the word of the Lord come to pass><>.
When the Lord gave me this word to speak to this area of Peru, there was nothing
there but dirt. The head of the orphanage ask me are you sure about
this word of the Lord? If you was to see this land you would have thought I miss
the Lord. So what you are reading is a word that came to pass for his Glory and
No one else><>. Can you say GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!
Within the past 2 years the following works have been established in the town of “Pachacutec” withing the district of Callao, near Ventanilla. 

Over 2,500 km of paved roadways
Hospital of Peru
Health Center
Three elementary schools
Four Kindergarten schools
A large shopping center
A municipal agency and civic center
Several family parks and recreational areas

It was awesome to see how quickly the Lord fulfilled His word in that town.


Nairobi Church

Hello Prophet Russell Blackman,

Greetings in Jesus name, hope you are doing well in the Lord together with your family and ministry at large.Here in Nairobi, we are doing well, and the Lord has been so faithful in many ways.

Since the day you ministered in our church and prophesied we have experienced great increase both physically and spiritually. We thank God for using you greatly at a time as this.

Prophet, since you prophesied over my life, I have seen God do great things that I cannot even explain. Now we are opening a new branch in the city of Nairobi, I believe you will get to preach there soon, when you come. Getting that particular space was not easy, but God miraculously provided and we were able to pay 4,285 US DOLLARS for securing that space and pay part of the rent.

As a result of this we are seeking help from partners and friends because we still need to import a tent that can hold 1,,500 people and that costs 17,142 US DOLLARS, we also need to buy seat that will cost 16,000 US DOLLARS and P.A/ Instruments which will cost 11,000 US DOLLARS. We really feel honored to involve you in this great project for the kingdom of God.

Prophet, if your heart finds peace to support us in any way God directs you, we will appreciate.

We thank God for you, your family and ministry and we pray that God may continually use you greatly. Thank you very much and God bless you.

Yours faithfully,

Pastor Ben Nyatuka
Calvary Covenant Centre
Nairobi, Kenya.


Miracle Service

Well, how can I start this e-mail off without crying for what the Lord has
done. Sunday morning we arrived at a church that I never preached at before
and the Lord really moved for those that came to hear the Word of the Lord.
As the Lord spoke to our heart's about our Identity in Christ, the Holy Spirit
started to move on the children of God. The Lord then had me to call up a
woman that needed to know what the Lord had to say to her heart about
the things she was going through. The Lord showed me that she could not
have children and that she wanted them very badly. He then had me to have
her to sing "I Surrender All", and as she sang the Spirit of the Lord
fell on her. Well before we ended the service she said that she had something
to say to the people. She told them that she never met me before and the
Word of the Lord was true, that she was just told that she could not have
children and she had been praying to the Lord for her and her husband to have
children. She said that morning before church that the Lord gave her the song
"I Surrender All". She was also healed of a sickness at the time she was singing
the song. The Word of Knowledge was great also, I had the Pastor's wife come
to me after the service and said that the word that was given to her daughter
was the same word that they received a few year's ago. I then had a 91 year
Old Mother of the church come to me and said that she could see a glow around
me and that the Word that was given was the Word their church needed and
that she needed it more then any one else and that the Lord healed her body!
We then headed to the next church for a service I did not know about until we
almost arrived there. I was told that the church was full and they were waiting
for me to do a healing service. I taught on two Scriptures and I had a woman
who came in a wheelchair and said that she received  part of a healing, but
not all of it. I told her that the Father does not do part, but Whole Miracles!
She said that she had been in the wheelchair for 31 years and she could not
walk unless she was pulled up by the hand and she only could take two steps and
that was it for her. We prayed the prayer of Faith because she wanted to walk
badly. So I told her about Paul telling the man that he perceived that he had Faith
to walk and he walked. This is what happen to the woman, she got up and took
7 steps to her husband, I then told her husband to step back some more and she
then walked about 20 feet by herself and then she did not want to stop walking
and she walked and walked and walked, and was totally healed by the hand of
the Lord. So for the rest of the night we had a healing service, and at the end
of the service I had a man come to me and ask me when I come back next
year can I please come and ministry to the "Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship Int." Today the Lord sent me and Brother Steve Hobby to a church to speak with the Pastor of the church. He was not there, but his second in command was there and he met with us. The Lord spoke to my heart about the leadership and the church and where they was headed, and then he showed me something that he and the Pastor just talked about the day before in a private meeting that No One should have known about, and yet here is someone from another country speaking what was said in this private meeting.


We arranged today for Levi to see the doctors prior to his scheduled operation (July 19th) as we believe that God has healed him of his hearing problems.  
The specialists ran tests on him and PRAISE GOD have cancelled his operation as they say his hearing has significantly improved!!!    He still has some hearing loss but I know God has healed him and we will see him with perfect hearing.  They are going to see him again in 3 months time where I am sure the improvement will have continued.   

Levi- continued

Quick update: Levi was given all clear by Paediatrician Consultant
today who was concerned about his growth and development. They don't
want to see him again!

God is good, all the time, to me and my family!



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