Jacqueline Flowers Cancer Testimony

Hello, My name is Jacqueline Flowers but my friends call me Jackie.  I'm 21 years old living for the Lord Jesus Christ.  I'm also a mother of a beautiful daughter named Nevaeh Christine Flowers and a wife to Shadain Lynn Flowers.  Early April 2009 I started to experience severe chest pain and massive headaches.  It was so painful that I then forced myself up to go to the emergency at General.  It was then that the doctors thought I was experiencing a small Heart Attack. So before jumping into that conclusion they ran tests on me.  The tests showed a big tumor in the middle of my chest and a smaller one in my neck. They then suggested to do a biopsy to find out EXACTLY what they were dealing with.  Later in that week they concluded that I had Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer.  At that time I questioned a lot and I also began to question the Lord (why me?)  If it weren't for my husband I would have blamed God.  My husband sat and prayed with me and told me to keep my faith and continue to do the things of the Lord.  So I prayed and prayed.  Forsome reason I still felt weak as if I was dying.  By this time I had started my chemotherapy.  Then we heard that Prophet Russell Blackman was coming back to Rochester for a three day prayer service.  I had met Russell Blackman prior to cancer but he wasn't aware of it at all during this time.  It was then that God had given him a word to call me up and pray for me and then to place a white cloth around my neck where the smaller tumor was.  God had instructed me to wear this for thirty (30) days then to remove it.  Then came the end of the 30 days.  So I removed it from my neck but still chose to wear it somewhere on my body.  Later that month or so the cancer had left my neck.  PRAISE GOD!! So I called Russell Blackman to share this news but I told him about it still being in my chest.  Russell and I came to a conclusion that to continue on praying but this time place the cloth on my chest and wear it daily.  I began to do so.  My biggest worry was losing ALL my hair so I prayed and asked God if he would prevent that from happening.  Come Friday, September 4th 2009…. My doctor calls me and says "YOUR CANCER IS GONE… I STILL NEED YOU TO DO RADIATION TO BE SURE IT DOESN'T RETURN."  When this news came to me my spirit felt lifted and I thanked God for healing me of Hodgkins Lymphoma Cancer.  I was told I could of died.  I was told that I was going to lose ALL my hair.  As I sit here I sit proudly on God's Word to me and I sit with a head full of hair and full of life.  This is because I was obediant to the Lord and I was faithful in my prayers.  I just thought that my testimony will encourage  others and show God through me.  I thank the good Lord for standing by me and for giving me the strength to go through my treatments.  I thank him for setting me free.  Those he sets free are free INDEED…….  No more cancer for me……..   Sincerely, Jacqueline Flowers

Praise Report from Michigan

God is good to us daily.  We had a great time in Michigan and the Lord showed up, then showed out, then showed back up again!  If you ever received any CD's from our ministry you will want these in a good way, because the Lord spoke to our hearts in such a great way.  We had a soul saved by the loving power of God and I was not the one that lead them to Jesus.  We also had a lot of people come back to the Lord and repented of the tings that kept them from going forward in the things of God and I was one of them.  There is a mighty woman of God that lives in Battle Creek, that God has given a great building and she called it "Mikes Place".  She was having a hard time with the leaders of Battle Creek that die not want her to have this building, so they had been fighting her from the start.  She only wanted to be obedient to the Lord and open a door for the youth to have a place where they could be blessed.  Well, on Friday the Lord had me call her up for prayer and when she came to the front, the Holy Spirit gave me this word, that "It's already done!"  Not to worry, because the Lord had gone before her to make her path straight.  She called me yesterday to tell me that she received in the mail that it was her building and everything is all right!  The Lord on Sunday night spoke a Now word to someone that was there had a bump on their chest and they thought it might be cancer.  Well, I had two ladies come to me and said that they were the ones the Lord was speaking about.  We prayed for the first lady and she told me that the lump was gone!  The second lady we prayed for (I don't lay my hands on women, I have other women place their hands on the women we pray for) she also had a lump on her chest and she could not lift up her arm over her head.  After prayer she was able to lift her arm over her head and she said she could not do that for years!  My friends from CA and NY plus the rest of the team from Battle Creek and Albion did a great job.  It was there prayers and obedience to the Word that made these things happen and not me!


My friend sent me a text message and told me that the Lord has blessed her.  She was living in an expensive apartment and is believing God for her move out of state.  She is hoping to move this summer.  Her lease was up this past month and her landlord refused to let her go month-to-month with her rent.  They wanted to push her into a six month lease but she didn't want to sign for that because of the expense of the apartment.  She sowed a seed into your ministry while you were here in Michigan and God showed up when she got home.  Her children's grandparents called her out of the blue and told her she could stay in a home they own rent-free until she moves out of state.  God is good!!!!  Amazing!

Mr and Mrs Andrew Guya, Nairobi Kenya

Thank you so much for your encouraging words in the devotion. We thank the Lord for you when our eyes are on Jesus, the afflictions we go through are light compared to the glory that awaits. Me and my family are doing well and we always thank the Lord for you and TVLC for the blessing you have been to us.
I want to let you know that in your last mailing you spoke through the spirit of the Lord and told me to prepare for the next ministry opening. That very day I read the mail, the Lord opened another door for me to go to Burundi in central Africa in October to minister. A friend who is a colleague at the bible college told me that he wanted me to be part of his mission team to Burundi  and he chose me to join him. the word of the Lord given to you has been confirmed. Thank you Jesus. that is important because it will open a door to TVLC because I will now be able to meet my friend who has been working in the Burundian first lady's organization and he has started a church in central Burundi. Remember last year when we were talking about ministry in central Africa? The Lord is making it come to pass. Please keep this in your prayers.
I have been seriously thinking about our ministry next year to India. A lot has been going through my head and heart. The doors are so wide open that I do not know where to start. I need to set dates with the leaders in India and if possible we can work on the dates as early as now. I was suggesting between January and March. The January weather is not rainy, but is humid and not very hot, that would be good. There are so many churches in south india that we can be a blessing to and the leaders told me to let them know in advance so they may put things in place. I also have a friend in Delhi, he is a pastor of a big church. We met in Thailand and if the Lord provides, we can all fly into south India then finish our ministry in Delhi which is the capital and fly out from Delhi after our final ministry in this pastor's church.
What are your thoughts about this? I am writing the Indian pastors today and I will furnish them with more information after we have talked.
We love you "our spiritual father" and we are looking forward for an amazing time this year in the presence of the Lord. Guys are seriously waiting for you over here.
Please pray for the families in our church for the many are under the attack of the enemy.
Please pray for a pastor's daughter called Jemaria. She has a rare skin disease, the Lord used me to speak into the pastor and his wife's live before the baby was born. The Lord said that the baby would bring great joy to the family and the wife told me that is how it has been and the devil is messing up with the baby's health. Please pray for the baby.
The Lord bless you indeed and waiting to hear from you soon.
We love you man of God

The Lord's Work in a town near Ventanilla

        Over these past 2 years we have seen the word of the Lord come to pass><>.

When the Lord gave me this word to speak to this area of Peru, there was nothing there but dirt.
The head of the orphanage ask me are you sure about this word of the Lord? If you was to see this land you would have thought I miss the Lord. So what you are reading is a word that came to pass for his Glory and No one else><>. Can you say GLORY!!!!!!!!!!!
Within the past 2 years the following works have been established in the town of “Pachacutec” withing the district of Callao, near Ventanilla.
Over 2,500 km of paved roadways
Hospital of Peru
Health Center
Three elementary schools
Four Kindergarten schools
A large shopping center
A municipal agency and civic center
Several family parks and recreational areas


It was awesome to see how quickly the Lord fulfilled His word in that town.