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  Pastor Betty Sandoval Celis, Lima Peru Carta_de_referencia Bio Rev. Michael Peace Pastor – Remix Ministries To Whom this may concern , As a true proponent and advocate of the office of a prophet as well as the prophetic , it is my honor to present to you the communiqué in relation to Russell Blackman. Over the span of the last five (5) years, I have been first an observer and then sequentially, a co-laborer of Mr. Blackman’s ministry. Throughout the duration of my time spent with Brother Blackman I have appreciated his keen ability to hear the voice of God and communicate His words to the people in a palatable yet direct clear and definitive manner. Prophet Blackman has always conducted himself in a godly, integral and personable way with a humble persona. Always a servant, Russell has given of every fiber of his being to people who have been in need of counsel, advice, prayer or extended personal ministry. Mr. Blackman makes his schedule fully compliant to meet the needs of the moment and the Lord’s order of “the day”. On several occasions I have publicly declared that I cannot afford to have a prophet visit the ministry I pastor and not operate at the highest level of that office and not minister accurately and be sensitive to the spirit of the Lord and the congregation. Brother Blackman far exceeds my expectations and requirements, thus he is fully trusted and at liberty to minister with us. A man of Russell Blackmans caliber and spiritual depth is of the sort of the highest order and a true blessing to the body of Christ and a credit to the prophetic. Respectfully submitted, Michael Peace   Mary Alvarez President of Horizon's Bible Institute We've been meeting with Russell Blackman and his team in Cusco every year since 2006 when they come and hold the Prophetic School in our Bible Institute.  We eagerly await their coming because we know that he brings a word from the Lord and for many of us our ministry effectiveness has been profoundly increased as a result.  his concern is to see each member of the Body of Christ operate in his gifting and calling and constantly persuades his listeners to understand that the same Holy Spirit in him is in all believers who are therefore able to produce the works of God in the same measure.  It's not only his gifts that edify us, it's also the way he goes about the ministry; we learn when he expounds the Word and we learn as much from his example of love, compassion, integrity and obedience to the Father. I thank God for Russell Blackman's life. Mary Alvarez


Andrew and Doreen Guya

Pastor of The Grace Tabernacle Church

Nairobi, Kenya –East Africa.

We have been tremendously blessed by the ministry of Prophet Russell Blackman both as a church and family. Prophet Russell is a very humble man of God who respects authority and is ready to do and say whatever the Lord instructs him to do and say. He has spoken specifically into the lives of our people in the church and we are beginning to see the fulfillment of the word of the Lord. He has been a great inspiration to me and my wife and through his love prayer and constant encouragement he has offered a rare shoulder for us to lean on at all times. He is a man who is not after making a name for himself nor seek fame but as his slogan says “one soul is worth it all”, he is a man who cares about people and is happy to see souls come to the kingdom of God.

We highly recommend Prophet Russell Blackman as the prophet of God for this hour and we pray that the Lord may open more doors for Him to be a blessing to many around the world as he has been to us.

The Lord bless prophet Russell Blackman.  

John Shoemaker- Rochester New York 

I have been privileged to watch Prophet Russell Blackman minister at corporate meetings in Rochester over the past three years, and in our church twice in 2009.  He operates with a very strong prophetic gift and a powerful anointing for healing.  His sensitivity to the Holy Spirit has consistently challenged and inspired me.  He longs to see the church grow and grow up, for the Kingdom of God to be advanced wherever he ministers, and above all things, for God to be glorified through his ministry.  He walks in transparency with man and in humility before God.  He is the antithesis of those who are focused on building up themselves and their ministries.

Love and blessings,


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