Reverend John Shoemaker

Founder and Senior Minister Outlook Christian Fellowship Rochester, New York

Founder and Senior Minister Outlook Christian Fellowship Rochester, New York Russell Blackman is a prophet with a heart after God. God rescued him as a brand plucked from the fire (Zech 3) and placed the Word of the Lord in his mouth. Out of the desolation and brokenness of his past, the Lord has raised up a humble servant who trusts in Him and has been willing to speak as the Holy Spirit directs, even when people have not wanted to hear it. Out of the revelatory gifting he has been given, he speaks to nations, regions, cities, churches and individuals. He has ministered powerfully and accurately to members of my congregation, as well as many others in our region. I have heard him edify, comfort and exhort people, but I have also seen him bring correction with gentleness and sensitivity out of the father heart of God. Perhaps the characteristic I most appreciate about Russell is that he has no personal agenda. He does not strive to build a resume, promote his ministry or make a name for himself. He has turned down opportunities to minister in larger churches, which would have been more prestigious, given him more publicity and provided higher offerings, to minister in smaller venues because that is what the Holy Spirit told him to do. I appreciate giftings and anointing, and Russell operates out of both. But what truly “impresses” me is humility and character. In that regard Russell Blackman impresses me, and I recommend him accordingly.

Rev. Brendon Becker

senior pastor of Living Springs Assembly of God,  Glendale, AZ

It is my pleasure to recommend to you Evangelist and Prophet, Russell Blackman. Brother Russell ministered for me in the pulpit on several occasions while I served as the senior pastor of Living Springs Assembly of God, in Glendale, AZ. Russell has always demonstrated sensitivity to the leading of the Holy Spirit, and a tremendous amount of honor and obedience to the leadership of the house. I have witnessed first hand the accuracy and tremendous anointing that Russell moves in while operating in prophetic ministry. He has consistently modeled humility and the heart of a servant while in our fellowship. I highly recommend Brother Russell Blackman to you. I know your congregation will be blessed by the work of the Lord through his life and the integrity by which he ministers.

Linda D. Lopez

Administrative secretary to TVLC Ministries

Administrative secretary to TVLC Ministries, joined with Prophet Russell and Kelly Blackman in May of 2007. I am proud to be a part of the ministry which God has placed in the hands of Prophet Blackman. I love to serve as a team player to see the Gospel spread to all the Nations and lives changed thru the Word of God. Since accepting the Lord as my savior in 1988, I have served as administrative support to various ministries in San Diego California and throughout the Phoenix area. I am blessed to be married for the past 13 years to my husband David and even more blessed with our two fantastic sons Joshua and Douglas. I love to spend time with family, my pets, camping and helping to encourage others in their walk with Christ.

Pastor Susan Morgan

Crosspoint Church Battle Creek MI

“The level of humility and grace that Brother Russell Blackman walks in is just as real and powerful as the anointed ministry of healing and the prophetic. His ministry is truly full of life. Brother Russell is a faithful servant. He hears from the Father and is faithful to the words that he has been given from the Lord. His preaching takes the saints deeper into understanding the Word of God; equipping the Body for the good work that the Lord has prepared for all of us. The ministry the Lord has given Brother Russell is both excellent and powerful; a work that is used to truly set captives free and one that brings hope to the hopeless.”

Elder Emory D Beale II

Lionhearted Lamb World Outreach

I’ve Known Prophet Blackman for eleven years. He is a mentor to me and covers my ministry apostolically. I’ve had the privilege of ministering in various States and Internationally (Lima and Cuscos Peru) and (Uganda Africa) with Prophet Blackman. We have seen miracles and even the dead raised while ministering. His ministry reminds me of Elijah (miracles) and John the Baptist (pointing to Jesus). What impresses me the most about Bro Russell is his love for people, divine humility and Godly character. While in Lima Peru, we were on the Latin TBN, throughout South and Central America & local TV and radio .The television station wanted us to come back which excited me .Brother Russell said no, to keep a prior appointment with a family that was made. He said “never chase after camera’s or try to make a name for yourself; we have to keep our word.” That spoke volumes to me a lesson I’ll never forget. I highly recommend Bro Russell for ministry. He has truly been a blessing to my Church, City, and family. Given the opportunity I’m sure he’ll be a blessing to you also. Blessings, Elder Emory D Beale II

Pastor Willie and Chantae Whitehead Jr.

Agape Christen Fellowship {A.C.F.} Las Vegas, NV

My wife and I have known Prophet Russell Blackman for several years. We met him and his family @ my sister-n-law’s house in Arizona during a family gathering. When my wife and I met Prophet Blackman, we knew immediately that not only was he a true man of God, he was a man after God’s own heart. We highly recommend him to be the Prophet, Evangelist and Word man that God has called him to be in this hour. Prophet Blackman has spoken life and many Blessings to me and over my family’s life. He has proven his Love for God and his family. We highly recommend and support Prophet Blackman as he travel around the world preaching and teaching God’s word with the anointing in operation. As Prophet Blackman would say, “One Soul Is Worth It All”. Thank you Man of God for being there for so many souls that are hungry for God’s word! {Everybody is not able to feed God’s sheeps, but know that you are.}

Bro Tony Figueroa Sis Katie Figueroa

We’ve known our Brother Prophet Russell Blackman for four years. He’s a friend, a loving father, a doting husband who loves people and has been called of God to reach the nations. He is an honorable, anointed, trustworthy and a chosen vessel moving in this season by the Spirit of God within him to reach out to all who hunger for God. He is moving in Apostolic power according to the “Book of ACTS” reaching out to all in need of healing of mind and soul including sicknesses and diseases being healed! He wears the mantle of a “Prophet” as he hears from God and speaks God’s word into lives that are forever changed. Because of his faithfulness and sincerity God has elevated him for such a time as this bringing him into a more perfected walk with the Lord for his awesome purpose. What he speaks can only come from God, because through the course of time what he has said by the Prophetic Spirit of God comes to pass. Brother Russell: “Even greater will be your anointing from God, and more awesome miracles of healings and prophesy will come forth through your tremendous ministry as God is opening new and broader doors for you. Stay humble, keep seeking his presence for out of his presence flows the fullness of his Glory which contains abundant life for all who draw near. Abundance means nothing lacking! That is your heritage in Christ Jesus! Nothing Lacking! You are filled with the Spirit of God moving and flowing in him. As you follow his small still voice nothing will he deny his child, his chosen Prophet for this hour!” You have taught us so much about the Prophetic and we honor you greatly as a friend and mentor! Thank you for all you do! We love you dearly!

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