May 3, 2009

Kelly’s Heart

Hello all you wonderful servants of the most high God,   In composing this I would like to share some information about myself.  First of all I do not travel with Russell everywhere.  I stay home with our three children.  Right now I am home schooling two of the three children.  I love to worship the Lord in song and dance.  I am not very good at either of them but it is all for the Lord anyway.  I never take myself too serious.  I am a jokester and love to laugh.  I find something to smile bout all the time.  As an outgoing person, I love to talk to people and fellowship.  Rarely do I ever stray away from any fellowship time.  Phoenix Arizona has been home for me all my life.  It would be nice to live in another state but this is where God has us for now.  We as a family believe in giving back to our community.  We serve dinner to the less fortunate every Thanksgiving.  The children love to help where ever possible.  Raising our children to be followers of Christ is our number one goal.  Teaching them the love that Jesus has for us and that we need to love one another too.  All three of them have a unique personality.  I pray each day for the Lord to help me to nurture these wonderful qualities in them and not discourage them.  Praying for Russell is a full time job, it is a non stop process.  I have to cover him daily.  Whether he is traveling or working.  He is my true love and outside of God I love him the most.  Life is not perfect for us but we keep God in the center of our life.  I am not a speaker like Russell.  I prefer small groups.  I like to be personal with people.  Also, I am big behind the scenes person.  I love being the go to person.  This is a gift the Lord has given me to plan and organize events or activities. Until next time, may the Lord Bless you all and keep you and yours safe, Be Blessed, Kelly

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Katie Figueroa
January 3, 2010 at 11:03 pm

Thank you, Kelly for sharing about who you are and what you do! You are an awesome woman of God. Your full potential has not yet been tapped into. Trust HIM he will develop what he has began in you and it is awesome as you are his handiwork in progress. God Bless you richly.

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