Prayer with Brother Russell, Thomas and Susan

In The Midnight Hour

11/18/2010 Nairobi, Kenya

In the midnight hour the Lord says, “My children, My manifestation, My glory – starts in the midnight hour. In the beginning I spoke light into the darkness. But the first day started in the evening before I created a morning. In the midnight hour Paul and Silas did not worship me because that’s what they had to do, it was because that was their lifestyle.

In the midnight hour Abram left his family to follow a God he did not know.

In the midnight hour Esther was willing to go before a King on behalf of a Nation

In the midnight hour Elijah heard a still small voice that thrust him into his destiny to find a young man named Elisha.

In his midnight hour, Elisha received a double anointing.

In a midnight hour Debra became a judge over a nation.

In his midnight hour Moses stood before a burning bush to receive instructions from the IAM that I AM.

In his midnight hour Joshua looked on the face of Moses no more, but was compelled by God to take the children of Israel into the Promise Land.

In his midnight hour as David tended to his father’s sheep; was called to his father’s house to receive an Anointing to become the King of Israel.

In his midnight hour Daniel, who prayed three times a day, was elevated by God as he shut the mouth of the lions.

In his midnight hour John the Baptist at the end of his life recognized that Jesus was the true Messiah.

In the midnight hour, the darkest time in the history of man, as Jesus hung on the Cross, Light sprung forth and gave us a new day. Child of God, when it seem to be the darkest and you can’t see your way and think it’s your midnight hour, it’s just the beginning to a new day. Don’t fear what you can’t see because we walk by faith and not by sight. God has called you to worship Him at the beginning of a new day; which is your midnight hour.

The rising of the sun is just a reminder of the manifestation that the promises of God have been released unto you. For the Lord would say, man says, “Darkness is the absence of light.” But I say, darkness is the absence of my spoken Word – that gives Light.

At the end of my child’s life and the crossing over from this life to the next, is the midnight hour for them because they are crossing over to a new day. In the midnight hour there is always a word in season for you to cross over from the darkness to the light. So my children speak the Word so the seasons of change won’t be your end but your beginning.” Sayeth the Lord.

What we count as a failure God counts as a Victory. What we count as No Hope God counts as an Opportunity to release His Life in our season of darkness.

Prayer with Brother Russell, Thomas & Susan

The Power of Process

Friday, November 19, 2010

Jesus learned obedience through the things He suffered. To reach our destiny we first have to understand it’s a process. For every great move in the earth, God had to position that generation to receive and it was through the power of process.

We read in the Bible of the great men and women of God who carried out great exploits for the Kingdom of God, but it was through the power of process of being made an instrument fit for the Master’s use. For Abram to have his name changed to Abraham was a process. Jacob had to work 14 years to receive Rachel his wife – it was a process. David was anointed as a young teenage boy to be King of Israel but returned to the sheep field because it was a process. Naomi had to prepare Ruth to catch the eye of Boaz – it was a process. Esther had to be adorned before she went in to the King because it was a process. Daniel had to wait twenty-one days before he heard the answer to his prayer because it was a process. Jeremiah was called from his mother’s womb to be a prophet to the nations but it was a process.

Jesus chose twelve men to be apostles but He called them two by two because it was a process. Saul had his name changed to Paul and for seventeen- in -half years he was in the process of becoming one of the greatest men of God to walk the earth. But the key to all the processes that we read about in the Word of God – Elisha was the key. For he served Elijah for twenty years and through that process we have received a mantle just like Elisha – the double anointing through the power of the Holy Ghost.

Child of God, the power of the process is the key to Identity of the Kingdom of God. For your obedience comes through understanding the process of suffering – but not your suffering, but the suffering of Christ that you identify with. God could have created everything in a moment of time but He took six days to create and on the seventh day He rested.

There is a rest and fulfillment if you allow the Spirit of God to work the power of process in your daily life. “ Sayeth the Lord.” There’s a shaking and a breaking and the power of the shaking and breaking is the power of breakthrough. God is breaking you while you go through your process.

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