"The Roar of The King"

As they ministered (worship the Lord) to the Lord, and fasted, The Holy Spirit said Separate me Barnabas and Saul for the Work I have called them.

(Acts 13:2) Roar: to make a loud, deep rumbling sound, to laugh boisterously.

This morning the Holy Spirit woke me up and asked me a question?

He said, do you hear "The Roar of the King?" He then started to speak to my heart about a Lion and the Roar of a Lion, the fear It brings to the heart of its prey. He said, there are three different kinds of Roars that will be released this coming decade, and I'm to share them with the body of Christ. 2010 will be the start of those Roars that will take up this next Decade we are going into. There is coming a great Separation in this hour that we are in, between those who "Know" Christ and those who say that they "Know" Christ.

There will be a sound that the Church, the Body of Christ will hear as never before. It's a Roar in the Spirit that will bring the Body of Christ to a place that will set forth the acts of Love towards each other. (John 13:35) He said this first "Roar" is for the household of Faith! The Lord said son, tell my people that I'm moving for them in this hour that will show them that my "Roar" (Voice) is not dead, but alive in them, and will bring them into a place where they will see the fullness of my promises that I have spoken to their hearts and minds. He said tell my children that I will have that last Laugh! (Roar)

The Spirit of the Lord then said the second Roar that will be heard, is a Roar for the enemy to hear what I'm getting ready to do in the lives of my children in this hour! The enemy will know that I have the last word in every matter, and that he has NO hope of defeating those who call upon my name. I will show the enemy, what he meant for evil I will turn it around for my own good, saith the Lord! (Gen.50:20) I will remove the stronghold that the enemy has set up, over the lives of those that call upon my name in this end time hour. The enemy is fearful of the position of the Body of Christ in these end times, because he knows that when the church is in the right place at the right time (Gods Timing) there is nothing that the Lord will not do. The second "Roar" is to shake up the enemies camp, and to let the enemy know that I Am, still King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

There is a sound in the Spirit that is being released by the Holy Spirit that will bring an alignment to the Body of Christ to know how to reach a lost and dying world for Jesus. This third "Roar" will be for the world to know that God is still alive in the Earth today. When A Lion "Roars" on the flatlands, every animal becomes very still, and there is NO movement, because the King of the Flatlands has sounded his "Roar" (Voice).

The Holy Spirit said there are two different "Roars" that sounds really loud in this hour that we are in. He said the enemy has a roar also that sounds like he has the Authority to shake up families, relationships, jobs, ministries, finances, to destroy lives. But I said that he comes as a roaring lion, not that he is a "True Lion." (1 Peter 5:8) The world will now hear the "Roar" of a True Lion, the Lion of Judah! The world will hear my "Roar" (Voice) in this hour that you live in that will let them know that I Am the King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

They will see the moving of my hand upon the Lives of those who take heed to my "Roar" and follow that "Roar" to the end. He said tell my people to get ready for this next Decade and the things that I'm going to do through them, by my Spirit saith the Lord! There is a move in the Spirit that will usher us into a New Day. Before God does anything great, there is always a move in the Spirit first.

I tell you as a servant of the Most High God, there is a great move of the Spirit that is here in the Earth right Now that is going to be released at a greater measure than we have ever seen before. The Former rain with the Latter rain is here, and you will see and hear of things you never thought could happen in our life time. Jesus is coming again!

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