Prophetic Word of the Lord 2013

This will be the year of the Mindset of God. Those who seek first the things of God and not lean to the understanding of man, will know what the Father is going to do next. This will also be the year of knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit and not only hearing his voice, but listening to what he is saying and acting on what he is saying to the church (Revelation 2:7,11,17,29 & 3:6,13,22). The mindset of God in this hour will be based on walking in the dominion that has been given to us to use from the beginning of time (Genesis 1:26-27).

We must know the move of God in this end time hour we are living in, and move when he moves and when he is still we are still. As we look at our Nation as a whole, we must still understand that God has the last Word not our Government (Isaiah 55:11). This is a hour of knowing that the Lord has spoken to the heart's of our leaders and they must take heed to his voice as never before. The move of the Holy Spirit will be the Key to seeing Jesus as never before. That means we must trust God in every area of life (Proverbs 3:5). When we allow the Holy Spirit to have full control of this life that belongs to Him and Him alone, we will see the changes we have been praying for, because it's His life (1 Corinthians 6:19).

The Nation of Israel is the key for us as believers to know that time is drawing near to the coming of the Lord. There are many voices that will speak in this hour we are in, but there will also be many that will be deceived by a lie. The hearts of men all over this world will now cry out for the truth as never before and yet not seek for that very truth. The heart's of many will wax cold in the year 2013, because the economy will seem to have gotten worse than it's been in the past 5 years. The United Nations will show the world it's true colors as it opens many doors for Israel to be attacked. We will see a hatred for God's chosen people in a great measure. The terrorist attacks will increase because of the favor of God upon his people. Keep your eyes on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, because things will increase with the decisions that will be made by the evilness of men's hearts to destroy Israel.

There is a shift coming to the Body of Christ that will cause some to question the Word of God concerning the children of Israel and their role in this end times. We will see many churches shutting down because of the economy and the woes of the people who are looking more at the problem than the God that can change the problem (Matthew 6:33). There will be different churches that will rise up with a false doctrine that will bring in a new wave of this one world religion that many will buy into. Those that stand up against these false doctrines and speak out will find themselves fought even by our Government leaders, because they won't give into their system of idolatry (Isaiah 58:1). Our economic woes will continue to increase to the place where the true Body of Christ will have the answer to what they are looking for. There is coming a greater attack against our youth and children because of the calling that is upon their lives, but the Lord will hear the cries of His people in their time of need (Daniel 3:12-29).

A great shaking has started that will bring the hearts of men to their knees as never before. We will see an even greater shaking in nature all over the world that will cause people to blame God for what is happening. The Gospel of Jesus Christ will increase throughout the world at such a fast rate that it will double what it has produced in the past two years. Souls, Souls, Souls will come into the Kingdom of God with such a love for each other that the world will have to take notice of what God is doing. The media will attack those who stand for the truth of the Word of God in many different areas of life and ministry. Different bills will come forth that will fight the rights of the Christians at a greater scale, that will also cause a great conflict in many countries. The attack on Christians will be so great in 2013 through the media that many will back down from speaking the truth because of the precaution that will come with the truth of the Kingdom of God (Psalms 34:19).

The Lord says:" My children fear not, because I have gone before you to make the crooked path straight. Even when you can't see the fullness of what is before you, I have stepped in and have fought your battles. The power of knowing what is on my mind is the very life line I want you to know. I desire for you to walk in your true calling of Dominion that has been restored back to you through the Power of my Son's Blood that was shed for you on the Cross. I have given you my Spirit to take you step by step into knowing what I am going to do next my children. As you walk in the knowing of my Word then you will walk in the knowing of my thought life that I have placed within you. This will be a year of knowing the power of my dominion that is within you daily. Dominion will always be tried, but when you know that my Word is the power from within you and that my Kingdom is the power of light, you will walk in the knowing of 'Whose You Are' and then you will know 'Who You Are'!" Stand my children and know my voice will guide you in the time of need. I have given you my Spirit to lead you into the deepest part of knowing my Heart and my Love for the lost. There will also be a great falling away in this hour, so reach out as never before to those who feel that I have forgotten them because of the sins of their past. Allow my Love to reach out to the broken hearted that need to know I am a God and Father that looks past what they have done, and now what they are going to do for my Kingdom in the future. Tell my children to look up and see that my Kingdom has drawn near to their hearts saith the Lord of Host!

Much luv, (One Soul Is Worth it All)