Russell & Kelly Blackman

Brother Russell Blackman is the founder and president of True Vine Living Covenant Ministries here in Arizona. Through his numerous travels throughout the world, he has been blessed to see many signs and wonders. But his ministry is based on salvation through the Kingdom of God.

Brother Russell received the call to the office of Evangelist in 1985 and in 1986 was ordained a Minister under the Church of God in Christ. In 1988 he received a Prophetic word from the Lord that his pulpit would not only be in churches, but to the nations of the world. In 1999, he was ordained as a Pastor for 2yrs under Pastor Rod Parsley of ‘Breakthrough Ministries’. In 30yrs of ministry, God has Blessed Brother Russell to travel throughout the United States to 27 countries, and growing, to the nations of the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In the year 2004, he received his mandate from the Lord to start an international ministry that would reach the lost and dying. Brother Russell is married to his Beloved wife Kelly. Through her prayers and dedication, Kelly is the key for him in Ministry because without her, he could not fulfill the call of God or do what he does for the Kingdom of God. Jesus said, “Go Ye” into all the world and preach the Gospel to every nation (Mark 16:15). Brother Russell and Kelly have been blessed with three beautiful anointed children; Grace, Faith and Daniel. Brother Russell knows that the ministry is not when he goes to the Nations with the good news, but it’s when he lives it within his home before his wife and children; That’s True Ministry!
Brother Russell has not only been called by God as a Prophet and Evangelist, but he is called to be a Spiritual Father in the Gospel. Brother Russell’s preaching, teaching, leading, sacrificing and laboring has had a powerful impact throughout the world and the lives of many have been transformed. God has used him to speak prophetically and directly into many lives and as a result of the anointing that God has placed inside of him, many have been set free from sickness and diseases, marriages have been restored, poverty has been broken and lives have been changed for the good. Brother Russell will always say, “One Soul Is Worth It All”!
Choose you this day who ye will serve; but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord (Joshua 24:15). This is my Beloved family that the Lord has Blessed me with in my life and in my ministry. Kelly(Boop) and I have been Blessed with three beautiful children that you see in this picture. Grace is our oldest daughter who has a true spirit of a “Mother.” She has always been the kind-hearted one who Loves People! Faith is our middle child that has a great Prophetic call on her life. She sees with more clarity in the spirit than her Father (Me). Daniel is our only son that God has called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He can talk and talk; And he always has something to say, like me! I know that true ministry is not when I go to the Nations with the Good News, but it’s when I live it within my home before my children and my wife; And that’s Ministry. Family comes before Ministry. The key for me in ministry is Kelly because without her, I could not do what I do for the Kingdom of God.
God Bless! My name is Brother Russell and I’m the founder of True Vine Living Covenant Ministries here in Arizona. Here are some of the ministries and ministers that the Lord has allowed me to come into covenant relationship and fellowship with as a covering. Pastor Betty Sandoval: Rock of Faith Christian Center Lima, Peru. Pastor Elena O. Meza: Reflection of the Son Ministries Soledad, CA. Pastors Andrew and Doreen Guya: Grace Tabernacle Christian Center, Nairobi, Kenya East Africa. Apostle Susan Morgan: Crosspoint Ministries, Battle Creek, Michigan. Pastor James Cooper: Love Ministry, Rochester, N.Y. Evangelist Emory D. Beale II: Rochester, NY. Prophet David Larrabee: Elmyria, N.Y. Evangelist Gerald Simpson: Albion, Michigan. Prophet & Prophetess Thomas and Susan Fowler: Wells, England. Pastors Steven and Araceli Hobby: Cuzco, Peru. Intercessor Annie Brooks: Rochester, N.Y. Prophetess Linda Lopez: Arizona. Jonie Quintanilla: Coventry, England. Evangelist & Prophetess Kevin and Cristine Wilkerson: Fort Worth, TX. I am blessed to have many spiritual sons and daughters throughout the United States and the world.

As you look at that stone, know this, you're the rock that God is using to make a difference.