May 14, 2009


And he sent them to preach the Kingdom
of God, and to heal the sick.(Luke 9:2)

The Lord spoke to my heart and said son the key to the Power of healing is to understand who you are in the Kingdom of God. Notice that the Kingdom was preached before the healing came for the people. When we walk in the knowing of who we are in the Kingdom of God, we can show forth the true Power of the hand of God flowing to the people. When you and I start to allow the Holy Spirit to not only lead us, but allow him to reign within us, we will see the Super Natural become Natural. The Lord is calling us to a higher place in Him, so He can show His Glory through all the earth. He’s calling us to show His Glory in our daily lives.

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November 28, 2009 at 2:10 am

Writing from Kenya East Africa, its my first time to visit your website and i admit that i have been blessed beyond words. I am so blessed by the Word of the Lord reminding me that the Kingdom of God is in me and when i discover who i am in the Kingdom then am persuaded that all things are possible (all things) and that encourages me seek God more for in seeking Him that’s when He is found. Am blessed by all that i have read.

bless you

Russell Blackman
January 13, 2010 at 7:20 am

Thank you woman of God>. That really blessed me to know that this website
is reaching those that goes to it>. I know that we have a lot to do for the Kingdom
of God and we need to work together>. Did your husband receive the money I sent
to him for his trip?

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